Shaping change

Christine Reik is living out her passion: helping others to shape change.

That`s why she chose a career in industry and HR after completing her law degree. She spent more than 20 years serving in senior executive positions for the German and French HR activities of various companies - including several years in the E.ON Group - and performing other general management responsibilities. She knows first-hand what it means to manage teams in complex international matrix structures and to shoulder the responsibility for major projects that are crucial to a company`s success. She also knows the unwritten rules and dynamics that can make or break a person`s career.

As a trained lawyer, Christine Reik thinks and works in a structured, analytic and results-oriented way.
As an experienced people manager, she exhibits appreciation and compassion in her actions. She highly values commitment, confidentiality, and diversity in a person’s thinking and conduct.

She`s not content if she`s not moving forward. That`s why she brought some fresh momentum into her own career in 2013, founding PREMIUM HR. Specialising in the field of HR consulting, she cooperates with her personal network of experienced HR professionals. As a business coach and career consultant, she serves as a single point of contact for her clients - providing professional guidance and new perspectives. She works in the languages German, French and English.

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