HR International / German-French

Developing HR activities in an international context is second nature to us. We understand the tension that exists between a company’s centralized leadership approach and local responsibilty. We also know that the biggest success factor when cooperating on the international level is the proper handling of cultural differences. Business-related issues can only be implemented successfully when there is a sound common basis.

This particularly applies when German and French teams are working together. Anyone who works in this setting knows how difficult it can sometimes be for colleagues to understand each other. But everyone who understands and makes use of the differences also knows how creative, flexible and successful German-French teams can be.

Christine Reik and her partners are specialists in HR activities in the German-French context. Not only do we know the national differences in the realm of HR – ranging from the legal framework to current challenges. We also know the fundamental cultural differences first-hand – from the management culture to the day-to-day cooperation in mixed teams.

Our specialised expertise allows us to advise German-French companies in binational HR projects and in issues related to cooperation. We moderate German-French team workshops, offer team coaching and provide support to executives.