Setting the course for tomorrow

Germany is all over talking about seeing more women in leadership positions. But as an ambitious woman, you’ve learned that the way up the ladder can't be taken for granted and for sure is no easy path.

Your career begins with a number of questions: What do I want? Do I really want to go in this direction? Where can I find the support and orientation I need? How much adjustment is necessary? How do I stay authentic? Which next step is the right one? How will I maintain the balance between my work and my personal life? What inner belief systems will guide me along the way?

As you work your way up the ladder, a new set of questions arise: How can I position myself? How can I build strategic networks? What do I need in order to fill a top position? How do I develop my own brand? Where do I find the right mentors and support network? How do I break through the glass ceiling? How do I behave when I’m the only woman in a management team dominated by men? How do I handle my personal life? How much publicity is good for my career? How do I discover my own ambition and bring it to the world?

PREMIUM HR Coaching provides individual support to women on their way up the career ladder, helping them develop both personally and in their specific fields.