Succeeding in two cultures

Anyone working in a German-French setting will experience these two cultures’ vast differences in thinking and behaviour on a daily basis. The more overt behaviours of one nationality are often perceived as irritating and off-putting by the other, which quickly leads to misunderstandings that can permanently undermine cooperation. Management behaviour is misinterpreted, employees have trouble cooperating with each other, and everyone thinks it’s difficult to work together.

But those who can decode the cultural workings and differences can experience long-term success and bring about great results from teams of mixed nationalities. And those who have experienced how rewarding it is to unite the best of both cultures can make full use of how these contrasting cultures complement each other. The combined efforts of German and French professionals can easily lead to outstanding results.

PREMIUM HR Coaching combines intercultural expertise and practical business experience in both cultures. In our intercultural coaching sessions, we help you unlock the codes of your business partners and co-workers while addressing your company’s specific issues. We celebrate diversity. Because when brought together, the Germans and the French are truly a winning team!