Modelling effective leadership

As an executive, you face a complex range of tasks. You work in a sophisticated environment which is often unpredictable. And each decision you make has to be approached in a different way. Your day-to-day management responsibilities are impacted by time pressure, ambitious budget targets and limited resources. You’re challenged by conflicts that demand time and energy.

In the face of all this, you still have to provide guidance to your employees and help them shape change. And in the process, you realise that the expectations concerning leadership are also changing. New work structures require new perspectives and new practices in the area of management. And you’re looking for direction in this new scenario.

Your own career is also important to you. You’re planning your next step and want to continue developing as an executive. And you’re dealing with a wide range of issues – from fundamental questions to specific preparations for a new job.

PREMIUM HR Coaching supports you in your demanding management tasks, your decisions and your personal development.