Career Counselling

Twenty-first century careers are dynamic. What once was unthinkable is now completely normal: regularly switching employers and job sectors, shifting between specialist and management career paths, and taking time for project management or parental leave in between.

Yet there are still many unwritten rules and crucial differences between individual sectors. And pursuing a career in a major corporation involves different structures than in a medium-sized company or law office.

The options and paths are correspondingly diverse. And individuals may find it difficult to find the right path for themselves in the dense jungle of possibilities. Plus, the range of challenges in day-to-day business often leaves little time for thinking at length about one’s own career.

Working with a professional career consultant is a clear expression of a person’s own professionalism. The reasons for seeking this type of support can be quite varied. That’s why PREMIUM HR has developed three different formats for you. In all three formats, we combine coaching elements with conventional consulting.

PREMIUM ambition

is the right option for you if you know your ambitious goal and want to work towards it in a concentrated way. Strategic, professional, straight to the point.

You know your personal goal and want to pursue it deliberately.

And you recognise that your expertise is only a secondary factor in the place where you’re headed. The success of your career depends on completely different dynamics, and you want to work on them. Your priorities include your personal impact and authenticity, building your reputation, networks and positioning. And many other areas that would benefit from professional support and powerful stimuli.

We’ll work on ways to bring your personal ambition to light. And on ways to build long-term relationships that will stay with you well beyond the next step of your career.

We'll also focus on the hard facts: which executive recruiter is the right one for your goal, where and how to show your media presence, how to design the most effective CV, and the importance of references and recommendations.

PREMIUM alternative

is the right format if you’re looking for alternatives or new prospects. Long-term, personalised, self-paced.

You’ve reached a certain stage of your career – and you’re increasingly asking yourself if you’re still on the right path. A number of thoughts and ideas are running through your mind, but they’re not fitting together into a specific solution. You’re not certain of what you really can or want to do, and you’re looking for alternatives to your current path. You want guidance and support in finding a future career – one that’s fulfilling and also consistent with your goals in life.

Our collaboration begins with a personalised assessment of where you are in your career. Based on the current issues you are facing, we analyse where your personal strengths and skills lie, what really motivates you and makes you unique. This phase makes use of different methods, based on your particular needs.

We then work on your vision in life – the big picture. We determine what’s most important to you, what you want to achieve in life, and what values you want to exercise.

Building on these points, we develop possible options for your next career move. We take your personal goals into consideration, while also factoring in the rules of the game on the job market. And finally, we draft a step-by-step personalised implementation plan.


is the convincing solution if you’re preparing for a specific event, such as a management audit, board interview, assessment centre or crucial job interview. Fast, specific, focused.

You’ve already accomplished a lot, and now you’re facing the crucial event that will determine the next step of your career. Perhaps you’ve been invited to a management audit or a board interview. Or you’re about to participate in an assessment centre or similar selection process. Or you’re facing the big interview for your dream job.

You don’t want to leave anything to chance; you want to be as well-prepared as possible. Fast, discreet, professional.

If this describes where you are right now, then this special format of PREMIUM HR is the right one for you. I’ll be happy to explain the details and the procedure in a confidential, personal meeting.